We are Closing Our Doors

Echo Literary Journal

Ellen Owens, Editor



August 24, 2017


I am contacting each of you individually to personally let you know that, after careful consideration, because of lack of interest and lack of financial support we are closing the doors to Echo Literary Journal. We have received no subscribers and only a select few stories and poems that we could use for the journal. Because of that we are forced to shut down.


DO NOT submit payment through PAYPAL because we are not accepting subscribers any longer.


DO NOT submit anything else to us because we are not accepting manuscripts any longer either. None of the stories or poems accepted were published so you are free of obligation to Echo Literary Journal and all rights revert to you as of this writing.


If you have mailed a subscription or story to us it will be returned once it is received on this end.


There is no finances available to maintain this venue so we are forced to close our doors at this time. We appreciate those of you who made forth an effort and offered your best work for us to publish but that was just not enough.


Thank You


Echo Literary Journal Editor and Publishers